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    Pumps for hire may help councils with impact of flooding

    Published on 18 January 2019, Friday, 5:37 AM

    Northern NSW continues to be affected by severe flooding as heavy rainfall consistently falls across the state.

    And with the NSW Police Force and State Emergency Services warning the public that flood damage and the risk of personal danger can occur quickly, local councils may well be considering if it is time to prepare themselves for a significant build-up of water or mud in certain areas.

    Whether the issue is a swamped local sporting grounds or overflowing waterways, the council may find it necessary to hire a supply of submersible pumps to hand out to both their own workers and civil contractors who have been called in to help out.

    Pumps generally fall into the category of equipment you only need sparingly and for a very specific purpose, so it might not be feasible for a council to buy and maintain their own range.

    In times of need - and based on expert forecasts it appears that the incessant rain shows no sign of abating in February - pump hire could prove to be an essential step in the clean-up process.

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