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    Put off the audit, says MBA

    Published on 21 February 2019, Thursday, 1:53 AM

    Master Builders Australia (MBA) has called on the Fair Work Building and Construction (FWBC) agency to slow down their audit that is intended to ensure employers are complying with their record-keeping obligations.

    According to the FWBC website, the audits are intended to make sure that employees are receiving their payslips and that employers are keeping correct employment records and paying their workers the correct levels of base rates.

    Part of the scheme will see around 400 employers in the commercial building and construction industry in Australia receive audits.

    The MBA are contesting the audits however, with chief executive officer Wilhelm Harnisch saying that it's too soon after the introduction of the plan and too close to the federal election for such an undertaking.

    "An audit program now would only create a significant and unnecessary red tape burden for the industry and divert precious resources from the building industry watchdog which would be better used trying to curb militant union activity," he said.

    They are strongly recommending that the audit does not go ahead, saying that doing it now is "not sensible".

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