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    QLD: Working conditions under the microscope

    Published on 18 January 2019, Friday, 3:27 AM

    Ensuring that workers and employers are given a fair go, the Australian Building and Construction Commissioner (ABCC) promotes a productive building and construction industry which benefits participants and the Australian economy as a whole.

    Workplace relations and industry activity as it affects workers and employers are covered by the office of the ABCC.

    To that end, regular inspections are carried out at various building sites around the country - not only to monitor regulatory compliance, but also to make sure people are aware of their rights and responsibilities according to their role in the industry. 

    Two Queensland towns will play host to ABCC inspectors next week, from March 20-22. 

    Representatives will visit work sites in Rockhampton and Gladstone, to monitor workplace law compliance and to offer free face-to-face information and advice.

    ABCC commissioner Leigh Johns said the visits will benefit both workers and employers and encouraged local construction companies wanting to make sure they are providing a fair and safe working environment to contact the office and arrange a visit.

    "Inspectors will check the books on a number of building sites to ensure employees are being paid correctly.

    "They will also provide guidance on workplace laws, correct record keeping and dispute resolution procedures," Mr Johns said.

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