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    Queensland reveal coming on House Rules

    Published on 27 June 2015, Saturday, 3:56 AM

    There has been no end of challenges for the House Rules teams as they work away in Queensland. Competing with a super storm for most of the week - as well as each other - these teams will be thankful there's a Kennards Hire with storm and flood gear just around the corner, anywhere in Australia.

    Working on Ben and Danielle's home

    The "brick box" in Queensland was a dream come true for Ben and Danielle, even if it did mean they had to buy the worst house around to make their home ownership goal a reality. Many builders and tradies will identify with this. Many purchasers buy a dwelling that needs some TLC to save money, as well as to add value for a sale further down the line. Depending on the extent of the work that needs to be done, this could mean scaffolding, cement mixers and table saws - which all adds up if you're not careful.

    Danielle says that the home is where the couple want to stay forever - they just need to get it in shape first. Not everyone gets the opportunity to have their home renovated by others for free, but that's the game with House Rules. This week, Ben and Danielle sit back and let the other teams do the work. Here are their house rules:

    1. Style our house preppy eclectic
    2. Deliver us a mix of old and new one-off pieces
    3. Make our entry quiet, but showy
    4. Retain a hint of 'ski chalet' in the living room
    5. Give us a dressing room to die for

    Now, you may be wondering where the 'ski chalet' bit comes in. This impression, the couple says, is given by the house currently, with its old finishes and timber cladding. You know when someone deprecates their home this much that there will be some need for DIY painting, as well as a lot of attention to the kitchen and bathroom.

    What does the reveal have in store on Sunday?

    Ben and Danielle are after a few things in their dream home. First on the list - a house that doesn't flood! Next, a simple request - some entertaining space. The 70s design could do with some opening up, with walls and doors currently clogging up the interior layout. If anyone calls for a Hilti demolition saw - you know where to send them!

    Transforming an older-style house into a modern delight where you want to bring up your own family can be a challenge. Builders and renovators would know - this is no small mandate. However, with the week coming to an end, we'll have to sit tight and see what Sunday brings.

    Hopefully the teams have got their act into gear this week, as last Sunday we saw Steve and Tiana's family home in New South Wales delivered with several incomplete features - some which were embarrassingly covered up. If you're thinking about your own renovation or trade work and how it will ever reach completion, don't worry - Kennards Hire has the gear you need to kick start that project again.

    Get those points

    As you'll remember from our previous blog post on House Rules, Ben and Danielle took the lead in Sydney, delivering a stunning bedroom and living room, including original art work by Danielle. We're sure the couple is hoping the favour will be returned with equally nice finishes and lots of attention to detail in their own home, but it can be hard to stick to the plan when the pressure sets in. Talking about pressure, pressure systems that cause tropical storms don't help either!

    Hopefully Ben and Danielle are welcomed home to a complete, enjoyable and dry home on Sunday.

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.