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    Queensland tradies to receive financial boost

    Published on 29 January 2019, Tuesday, 5:39 AM

    Queensland tradesmen may benefit from the state government's review of building legislation and industry costs.

    Announcing a review of the Queensland Building Services Authority (BSA), state minister for public works Bruce Flegg said one of the aims was to lower the cost of building a house for builders and homeowners.

    The Transport, Housing and Local Government Committee of the Legislative Assembly will conduct the review, which will focus on the building industry's licensing standards and regulatory reform.

    "The committee will also seek input from consumers, including the presentation of submissions and giving testimony to the committee on key consumer problems," Mr Flegg said.

    Key industry bodies, including home builders, contractors, industry participants and experts in the field would also be consulted during the review.

    Mr Flegg said reducing the cost of building a home would potentially be achieved by looking at regulatory reform, current licensing requirements and procedures and achieving a balance between building contractors and consumers.

    Once the review is complete, the results will be reported to parliament by November 30.

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