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    Rain creates havoc on roads

    Published on 24 January 2019, Thursday, 5:38 AM

    Rain can wreak havoc on roads - creating huge pot holes which cause frustration for both motorists and council workers who have to fix them.

    With recent storms ravaging the state of Western Australia and record breaking rains in New South Wales, there is likely to be a lot of rain-related road damage around.

    While road repairs are usually the responsibility of the council, rain damage to driveways is the property owner's responsibility.

    In the wake of recent torrential weather, tradies may find an increase in demand for driveway repairs - particularly in rural areas where long driveways are common.

    Surfacing repairs may require the hire of specialised equipment from your local Kennards Hire, including a concrete mower.

    Water causes more damage than anything else to driveways - carving gullies into them and creating large pot holes.

    Ensuring there is sufficient water drainage will help protect driveways against rain-related damage in the future.

    Creating water run-offs along the driveway will provide protection, as well carving drains to avoid water-logging which will contribute to pot holes.

    These should be maintained regularly so you're always prepared for the unexpected.

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    Nathan Mills
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