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    Kennards Hire Rallied Troops for Coffs Harbour Event

    Published on 5 December 2016, Monday, 3:15 PM

    With over 10 kilometres of temporary fencing, 2.25 kilometres of scrim, 200 portaloos and 20 lighting towers, the Coffs Harbour Rally was always going to be a massive logistical effort. Kennards Hire was right up for the challenge providing and installing much of the equipment and infrastructure needed to ensure that the final stage of the FIA World Rally Championship went off without a hitch.

    Konrad Stempniak, Kennards Hire’s go-to-man for the Rally, worked with a team of 12 dedicated operational staff members on the event, while Heidi Stevens, Local Area Marketing Manager oversaw the extensive marketing campaign that was enjoyed locally and seen globally.

    Konrad explained the extent to which Kennards Hire went to ensure that the Coffs Harbour stage of the international event ran smoothly and safely.

    “We supplied around 600 plant hire items; 2.25 kilometres of Kennards Hire scrim, 10 kilometres of temporary fencing and crowd control barriers, 20 lighting towers, 200 portaloos, 80 water barriers, 30 site sheds, 80 diff generators… the list of equipment is extensive, but it’s all to ensure the rally ran as smoothly and as safely as possible. We worked to some incredibly tight deadlines, and were able to deliver ahead of schedule on a consistent basis.” Konrad said.

    Bumping in all equipment began on 7 November, allowing 10 days for Konrad and his team to facilitate the completion of the hands-on part of the job.

     “Kennards Hire is no stranger to these types of large scale jobs. We’re the major hire equipment partner for the Summer of Surf series as well as The Block television series. However, each job presents its own set of unique opportunities. As Kennards Hire has a great policy of investing in our people, the skillsets required to deliver on an event of this magnitude are able to be sourced from within the company which makes massive jobs like this much easier.” Konrad continued.

    As naming-rights sponsor, Kennards Hire contributed not only the plant hire equipment required for the rally, but threw their marketing weight behind the event as well. Heidi Stevens explained the holistic approach Kennards Hire took to activate spectator engagement.

    “We’ve found that working alongside our operations team has been an incredibly effective way of servicing the events industry. Through our experience on The Block over the past few years, to our involvement with Summer of Surf and now the Coffs Harbour Rally, we see immense value adding our expertise on every level to each event.” Heidi explained.

    Events like this don’t come together overnight; the Kennards Hire team began building the game plan for the rally in March, 2015. Now, over 18 months on, a world class event has drawn thousands of people from around the world to Coffs Harbour, and the reception from locals has been incredibly warm.

    “We’ve had such positive feedback from local businesses. When I walked into a shop in Coffs Harbour wearing my Kennards Hire shirt, businesses owners were quick to show their gratitude for the attention the rally brings to the community. It’s testament to the benefit of offering a top shelf, all-rounded service across the logistics and promotion of an event like this.” Heidi concluded.

    Kennards Hire Rally Australia will return to the Coffs Coast in the closing round of a new-look FIA World Rally Championship on 16-19 November 2017.

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