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    Rejuvenate your bathroom floor tiles

    Published on 9 October 2018, Tuesday, 7:50 PM

    There are few parts of your house that serve as practical a purpose as your bathroom. It's the first place many of us spend time in the morning, and often the last room we visit before bed. It stands to reason then that making the bathroom a more pleasant space can result in a general improving of your mental state.

    While there are several different areas where you could focus your bathroom DIY plans, a good place to start is underfoot. Tiling and carpet installation costs Australians $4 billion a year according to IBISWorld, but replacing your floor tiles is an achievable project that most people can manage on their own, and a great way to give new life to your bathroom.

    Replacing your floor tiles is achievable bathroom DIY that most people can manage.

    Preparing the surface underneath

    Unless you happen to be starting from scratch, your first step towards new bathroom tiles is going to be removing the old floor covering. If you're having trouble getting the job done, you could ease the process by using an electric breaker.

    Ripping up whatever material is in place is obviously a big part of that, but once you've hit bare concrete, it's important to remove any remaining mortar, grout or other adhesives. For this job, your best bet is picking up a concrete grinder from Kennards Hire. Easy to use and with enough grunt to remove the most stubborn remnants, you can ensure your concrete pad is perfectly smooth before applying your new tiling.

    Laying down your tiles

    Once your foundation is adequately smooth and even, now it's time to think about the configuration of your tiles. Whatever pattern you settle on, before making any permanent moves draw some guidelines where you're going to lay each individual piece to make sure it's even and tidy.

    Bring new life to your bathroom with new floor tiles. Bring new life to your bathroom with new floor tiles.

    After thoroughly mixing up your adhesive, spread it evenly across the surface where you will place the tiles. You don't need to cover the whole floor in one go, just enough to lay a few tiles down at a time. The Australian Tile Council recommends working in one square metre blocks.

    Unless you are blessed with perfect bathroom dimensions, at some point you will have to cut a few tiles to get complete coverage. Kennards Hire once again has all you need, with tile cutter options to suit every type of material.

    The final stage of the installation process is removing any excess adhesive and grout from around the meeting points of your new tiles. Once that's done, the adhesive should set fairly quickly, and your new bathroom floor is good to go.

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