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    Report highlights need for skill development in construction sector

    Published on 17 April 2019, Wednesday, 4:51 AM

    Employment in Australia's resource project construction sector will grow to 83,324 workers in 2014, according to a new report released by the Australian Government in collaboration with the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency (AWPA).

    This workforce is expected to decline significantly by 2018, as construction on major projects comes to a close and others move into operation phases. This means many tradespeople should think about developing new skills to transition into the broader construction workforce.

    Those with strong industry experience and in-demand technical skills will be utilised in order to maintain growth and momentum in the construction and resources sector, especially in the fields of oil and gas.

    It's hoped that the long lead time between now and the predicted construction slump in 2018 will allow industry, education and training providers and the government to start developing the construction industry to best transition into this challenging period.

    The AWPA predicts skills shortages in positions such as metal fitters and machinists, building and engineering technicians and structural steel and welding trades workers. Those with construction backgrounds may want to consider upskilling in order to meet this demand in the future, as the oil and gas sector is likely to undergo an undersupply of skilled workers across the technical and trades sections of the industry.

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