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    Reregister whenever you relocate

    Published on 27 August 2015, Thursday, 12:09 PM

    Being licensed as a tradesperson is one way your customers can rest assured that you're reliable and competent, but it can be only too easy to forget about this when you relocate to another state or territory.

    The Builders' Academy of Australia explained that there are differences between states in terms of which paperwork you'll need to possess. For example, if you're working as a plumber or electrician in Victoria then you will need a licence, but if you are a builder then this isn't the case.

    This is why it's so important to become acquainted with your state's specific rules and regulations. The group warns that just because you are licensed in one part of the country, it doesn't necessarily mean this paperwork will be valid when you move elsewhere.

    It's a good idea to check the Licence Recognition website, the Builders' Academy of Australia suggests, as this will provide you with more information. Make sure you do this before you start professionally concrete cutting or carrying out other tasks in your state or territory to avoid falling foul of the law!

    In some instances, you will be required to apply to the relevant licencing authority in a second state or territory to confirm your eligibility to work there. The Licence Recognition service advises that you will need to pay a fee if you need a secondary licence.

    The website also recommends that anyone coming to Australia has their skills and qualifications formally recognised in this country. An assessment will take place to ensure that your competencies in certain areas will allow you to operate diggers and provide certain services in Australia. Guidance on this is available on the Australian Skills Recognition Information website.

    Doing your homework is crucial when moving into a new area, especially if you want to ensure that you are operating on the right side of the law.

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