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    Sailing high above the water

    Published on 20 July 2017, Thursday, 3:44 PM

    To lift a large 75ft Riviera motor yacht onto a container ship, Patrick, a leader in stevedoring, hired a 145 Tonne spreader beam and 2 x 80 Tonne round slings from Kennards Hire Lift & Shift.


    “Being a container terminal we normally handle containers day-to-day, however we also need to lift other items such as boats for our customers from time to time,” said Operations Manager Jayn Sharrock. “Normally the boats we need to lift range between 15-30 tonne, which is well within our boat beam capacity. This was an unusual lift due to the size and weight of the boat, which was approximately 67 tonne”.

    “Our General Stevedoring division is located nearby and has a range of heavy lifting equipment, however this is not always available when we need it,” said Jayn adding, “Having a wide range of lifting solutions available for hire from Kennards Hire Lift & Shift is a major benefit.”

    The beam has a maximum load of 145 tonne at 60º up to 13.5 metres and is capable of lifting a 76 tonne load at 60º at 20 metres long. Kennards Hire Lift & Shift also have torque wrenches for hire to ensure the bolts on the beam are correctly fastened.

    The boat was secured in a purpose-built cradle, which was pre-slung before delivery to Patrick. It was then loaded onto the ship.

    “The Kennards Hire Lift & Shift team were extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful,” Jayn said. “We’ll go back to Kennards Hire Lift & Shift when we require equipment that is capable of handling heavy or unusual size lifts.”

    Ideally suited to projects across the mining, oil and gas industry as well as major civil construction and infrastructure developments and shipping ports, Kennards Hire Lift & Shift have an extensive range of both lifting and Spreader beams available for hire across Australia.

    These vary from 250kg to 300 tonne. The 300 tonne Beam has a maximum width of 26 metres with a unit weight of 6,600kg when fully assembled, excl. shackles or rigging gear.

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.