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    Sheds for Aussie blokes

    Published on 21 February 2019, Thursday, 4:24 AM

    The importance of the backyard shed for the Aussie bloke has been noted and granted funding for facility updates.

    In a June 11 statement, minister for indigenous health Warren Snowdon announced that 51 communities across Australia will benefit from funding to upgrade their facilities and buy new equipment and tools.

    "Men's Sheds are more than just a place for blokes to do some woodworking and have a cuppa. They offer a welcoming environment where men can find support when they need it," he said.

    In particular, the funding will favour sheds that have already been established in areas with high levels of unemployment and were social isolation is common.

    The $125,000 worth of grants will go towards tools and equipment, "but it's the men and their mateship that make these sheds work", explained Mr Snowdon.

    Men's Sheds is funded under the National Male Health Policy, which includes $250,000 a year over three years for the organisation which recognises the importance of a sanctuary for blokes to get away to.

    The sixth round of the grants program closes on July 26.

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