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    Silenced generators power fridges and lighting on luxury camping trips

    Published on 18 January 2019, Friday, 6:12 AM

    So you have planned the camping adventure of a lifetime and are all set to drive to your favourite destination with friends this weekend - but have you covered all bases to ensure the adventure will be everything you hope for?

    For longer trips in particular, it is a good idea to have access to auxiliary power - in order to run a fridge, freezer or lighting that a relatively large group can rely on throughout the time away from civilisation.

    An ice-filled eski and torch might suffice for a quick weekend getaway by the beach, but when it comes to serious camping it can often improve your experience to have a comprehensive and luxurious set-up - especially if there are going to be any first-timers on the holiday.

    In this case you may wish to seriously consider the benefits of a 2kVA silenced generator, which is capable of supplying the low-level power you need while not creating noise pollution that will disrupt fellow campers.

    It is inconsiderate - and in many cases against the local rules - to run a loud generator that detracts from the serenity of the region, but with these small units you are able to establish a temporary power source without causing any disruption.

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