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    Spring cleaning like you've never done it before

    Published on 9 September 2016, Friday, 1:14 AM

    Spring cleaning is upon us! Now that the sky has stopped throwing water at us, Australians will want to get back to their entertaining ways - throwing parties and having people around for drinks and to watch the sport or just catch up. But after a winter that seemed to drag on for far too long, there are some things you've probably been putting off for a while.

    Cleaning your home in the winter is such a demoralising task. The sun doesn't shine through the windows with the same intensity and highlight all of the lovely parts of your dining room. Because of that, there's probably a few things you haven't gotten around to just yet. Well, with the right equipment from Kennards Hire, these jobs won't take long at all.

    Deep cleaning the floors

    It's not really enough to just vacuum your floors once a week and think that nothing else needs to be done. Sure, getting up all of those crumbs and the dust and hair from all over the place makes it feel better underfoot, but a truly clean floor requires more effort to achieve.

    On many wood and concrete surfaces, every few years, it's important to shine it and bring it back to its original glory. A shiny layer acts as a protective barrier against minor damage, such as falling plates or bowls, so even if your floorboards are 50 years old, they can still look amazing with a quick polish!

    How good could your floor look with a simple polish?How good could your floor look with a simple polish?

    A rotary floor polisher is the perfect tool for this job, and can be used on both wooden and concrete surfaces. Once you see how nice a properly polished concrete floor looks, you'll be on the phone inviting your friends and family over in a heartbeat.

    Cleaning from top to bottom

    There's a reason the phrase is 'from top to bottom' and not the other way around. If you cleaned from the bottom and moved up, then all of the dirt and dust at the top of the room would just fall onto the clean bottom part. You'll have to go over the entire space again, and that's just a waste of time.

    Instead, start with the ceiling fans, the tops of shelves and even the top of the door to get rid of all the dirt and dust. Move down from there until you've covered every inch that isn't the ground, and finish with a deep vacuum - made easy with the cordless industrial vacuum cleaner.

    Spring cleaning happens outside as well!

    The stormy winter season can take a toll on your lovely garden spaces. Sometimes it's a struggle to get it back to normal, but by clearing away all of the leaves and mowing the lawns exactly how you want, you'll be well on your way.

    Use a petrol lawn vacuum to suck up the leaves around the property - even those in the garden beds.

    To start with, use a petrol lawn vacuum to suck up all the fallen leaves around the property - even those in the garden beds. This will give your outside space nice clear lines, and also show you how much care the lawn needs.

    The next step is to mow and edge the lawn. A lawn mower/line trimmer package gives you both of the tools you need for this job, and also saves you money!

    Once you've mowed the lawn, your garden will be back to looking respectable. To easily clear away all of your trimmings and leaves, use a basic wheelbarrow from Kennards Hire. Less trips to the garden bin means a more efficient job, and that gives you more time to put your feet up with a cold drink and enjoy the beautiful spring sun!

    Pop into your local Kennards Hire branch today to see what other spring cleaning products you could use around your home to bring it back from the winter state.

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