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    Summer berries for your garden

    Published on 22 January 2013, Tuesday, 12:16 AM

    Succulent and juicy, berries are a hot favourite for summer, brightening up your plate with just the right amount of sweetness!

    If you're thinking of embarking on a garden DIY project this season, then make sure to include strawberries and raspberries in your fruits to plant.

    These berries are relatively easy to grow, and are better planted in a bed of their own to allow a good amount of sun and air circulation.

    When preparing a garden bed for your berries, make sure to have all weeds dug up and removed.

    Dealing with a large area that's filled with a stubborn clump of weeds? Then you might want to consider using a form of weed control to deal with the problem.

    Kennards offers a variety of weed control solutions to help you in your gardening or landscaping needs.

    Once you're rid of weeds and have a fresh garden bed to start with, add in a lot of compost and manure.

    Give a fair amount of space for your plants - about 30cm - making sure it's in an area that receives a lot of sun.

    Take care to water your plants well, especially when they are first starting out and during summer.

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    Nathan Mills
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