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    Summer garden DIY jobs

    Published on 8 February 2019, Friday, 5:35 AM

    Hot and windy weather can wreak havoc with the garden, destroying plants and soil in a matter of days during the peak of summer.

    The good news is, by carrying out a few preparatory jobs now, you can protect your garden from the extremes of summer and ensure it continues to bloom right through to the new year.

    Here are a few tips to keep in mind for your next garden DIY project.


    Mulching is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prepare your garden for the hotter weather.

    However, if your soil is already hard and dry, you will need to soak it with water before mulching.

    Make sure not to over-mulch though as this will prevent water from drenching the soil underneath.


    Spring is renowned as the growing season, and with this time of year behind us, you will probably need to give everything a trim.

    Prune hedges, as well as roses and other plants which have already flowered - this will encourage new growth.

    Up the water intake

    During the warmer months your plants will become thirstier so it is important that you up their water intake.

    Make sure you water everything on a regular basis and dunk small pot plants in water to completely hydrate the soil to prevent it from drying out.

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.