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    Summer garden maintenance tips

    Published on 31 January 2013, Thursday, 12:57 AM

    Make the most of the sunshine and get busy with some garden DIY before the wind and rain of winter sweeps in.

    Here are some top summer gardening tips that you can take advantage of in this prime weather!

    General plant care

    Stay on top of general planting maintenance jobs of watering, feeding, weeding and deadheading to look after the health of your flowers, plants, vegetables and fruits.

    ABC's Gardening Australia says that summer is the time to dead-head some varieties of roses, cutting the stems off two buds underneath spent flowers.

    Keep the lawn green

    The searing heat can transform your lush green grass into a withered, dry lawn. Slightly raise the blades of your mower when tending to your lawn in the dry weather, as longer grass stays greener.

    Revive your pot plants

    Your pot plants can dry out very quickly when the heat of summer settles in, so soak your pot plants to revive some life into them!

    Put your pot plants in a bucket of water for a few hours, until the potting mix is completely drenched through and the air bubble have subsided.

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    Nathan Mills
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