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    Sydney gardeners 'worked overtime' to transform green laneway

    Published on 18 January 2019, Friday, 6:02 AM

    Sydney City Council workers put their garden DIY skills to the test this past weekend and early this week, as "unprecedented rain" damaged areas of turf that had been laid down in Sussex Lane.

    Fortunately, teams worked overtime yesterday morning (March 5) to take advantage of dry conditions and re-lay fresh turf in the laneway.

    The grass had first been laid out on Sunday (March 4) afternoon in the sunshine, but the wet weather overnight caused damage to some of the grassy areas that had been set out in anticipation of the Pop Sydney event, which runs until tonight (March 6).

    "Our crews have done an amazing clean-up," said City of Sydney lord mayor Clover Moore.

    "We've overcome this minor setback caused by the weather and we've worked tirelessly to put things right and once again - the laneway looks fantastic," Moore added.

    Once tonight's GreenUps event - which focuses on sustainability in urban areas - has wrapped up, the turf currently in use on Sussex Lane will be re-used in parks across the city.

    Any grass that is not suitable for re-planting will be composted and utilised in soil mixes across Sydney's public gardens and parks.

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