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    Three flowers for autumn

    Published on 27 March 2013, Wednesday, 4:22 AM

    Muck into some garden DIY for autumn by planting a new batch of flowers to revive your backyard!

    Gone are the summer frangipanis, echinaceas and gardenias, with the colder season welcoming in a myriad of purple and pinks to your garden landscape.

    Here are three top flowers, shared by Homelife, to revive your garden beds!


    Autumn is commonly associated with the earthy shades of red, brown and yellow, but bright pink beauties such as Hibiscus are also known to bloom during the season!

    Homelife says that if you can find a "warm, sheltered spot" these tropical-looking stunners will make a lovely autumn flower.


    Dahlias are known to grow in summer, but can also extend out into the autumn season!

    These flowers come in various colours including pink, red, peach and yellow, so you can match the shade to sit well with the rest of the plants in your garden.


    Camellias can make great pot plants, so line your patio or deck with a row of these pink beauties.

    Homelife notes that camellias thrive in partial shade, so don't place them in a spot where they'll sit under too much sun.

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    Nathan Mills
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