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    Three hot bathroom renovation trends

    Published on 4 March 2013, Monday, 4:32 AM

    Maybe you've just had enough of the growing mould and cracked tiles, meaning it's time for some bathroom DIY.

    Are you in need of some inspiration for renovating the bathroom? We have three great design ideas from the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NBKA) that you can use to get transforming your bath and shower area!

    Shades of grey

    As well as the chick-lit book that draws its name from this colour, the shade itself has grown in popularity in the last few years, with the NKBA reporting that in its survey, greys in bathroom remodels have jumped from 12 per cent to 56 per cent since 2010.

    Grey is a fantastic colour for the bathroom, with the neutral tone allowing you more freedom in choosing accessories without worrying about a colour clash.

    A light dove grey is perfect for an airy tone, while a charcoal grey is a little more adventurous.

    Undermount sinks

    According to NKBA's survey, undermount sinks have been the most "specified type of lavatory sink" for the past three years.

    There's the traditional oval and rectangle shaped undermount sinks as well as other kookier hexagon and decorated designs.

    Quartz countertop

    The use of quartz countertop has steadily increased over the years, adding a classy finishing touch to the design of a bathroom.

    If you're going for a sophisticated, timeless look - then quartz is the way to go for your vanity top.

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    Nathan Mills
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