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    3 Reasons why we can Count on Kennards Hire

    Published on 13 September 2019, Friday, 1:47 PM

    AAG Constructions is a leading boutique residential building company on Sydney’s northern beaches. As a team of professional builders and carpenters, we are pretty picky when it comes to choosing the tools and materials we use and the people we work with. We have a team of builders and carpenters who each have a small selection of their own hand tools which they use on a daily basis, but we all know just how many hands and tools it takes to build a home; enter stage left, our wonderful friends at Kennards Hire. 

    We have been using Kennards Hire for the past 10 years and we are not quite sure how we would run our business without them. Here are our top 3 reasons why we choose Kennards Hire above the rest.

    AAG Constructions

    Quality, Convenience and Money Saver

    Running a busy residential building company means our team is usually run off their feet, so anything that is convenient and saves us time usually wins us over. The convenience of being able to go to one place for all of our tool and machinery hire is really important to us. We have been using Kennards Hire from when we were a small team of 2 to a not-so-small team of 6, and will continue to use them into the future, simply because of the convenience that they offer. There are many tools which we might only need for a project once a year, and we can hire it from Kennards Hire for the required time for a significantly discounted price, when buying the same piece of machinery could cost $5000 (and even more to store it); and might only get used a couple of times. The other benefit of using Kennards Hire is that their tools are always ready to go, regularly serviced and kept in great condition; we never have to worry about old technology or dirty tools. Kennards Hire ensures that regardless of the job size, big or small, we get the same attention and high quality treatment. We even refer our clients who are keen for some DIY to Kennards Hire as they can offer great tips and have all the tools that you would need for smaller DIY projects as well.  We also love that they can arrange drop off and collection of their tools which saves us time and money; considering that it might take an hour off the tools for one of our boys to go and pick up a tool. 


    The team at Kennards Hire are efficient and friendly (a pretty tasty combo) and nothing is ever too much trouble for them. We are always greeted with a smile and everyone is genuinely eager to help; Kennards Hire customer service is next level. We noticed this when we first started out in the business and didn’t really have a clue where to begin. Our Project Manager Adam tells the story of standing outside Kennards Hire and being greeted by Mr Neville Kennard himself who showed Adam to the front counter where a staff member assisted him and showed him the ropes. We were treated with such respect and were never rushed out or brushed off, even as a very small company. 

    Local and Australian made

    At AAG Constructions it is important for us to support local business and Australian made products, and that’s another reason why we love using Kennards Hire. Walking through the doors of Kennards Hire, we always get a real sense of their community spirit and their support for local business. As a passionate environmentally friendly building company, we are always on the lookout of trades and services who have values which align with our own. Being mindful of the impact that the building industry is having on our climate and environment is something that we are passionate about, and something we share in common with Kennards Hire. We feel that hiring equipment is a way that we can minimise our carbon footprint (because it helps to reduce the amount of tools which are mass produced); in a way, we think about it like being similar to recycling tools! We truly believe it is the way of the future and feel that in this regard, Kennards Hire is leading the way. 

    For us, using Kennards Hire for all of our machinery and tool needs really is a no brainer and we couldn’t recommend them more highly. Thanks Kennards Hire team for the past 10 years of assistance and we can’t wait to see what the next 10 years bring!


    Nathan Mills portrait image
    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.