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    Top bathroom trends for 2013

    Published on 24 January 2013, Thursday, 12:28 AM

    Planning on renovating the bathroom in 2013? Then here's some of this year's biggest design trends to provide some inspiration on your bathroom DIY project!

    Eco-friendly design

    The bathroom is expected to become more "natural, organic and eco-friendly than ever" in 2013 according to an article from SheKnows.

    People are opting for low water usage products and organic materials for cabinets, flooring and other spaces, in a bid to become more environmentally conscious.

    Quirky bathroom vanities

    Tangerine, lime and oxblood bathroom vanities are just some of the colours that are popular this year, with the 'quirky' look a top trend for 2013.

    It's not just about colour though, with some other touches also adding to the look, including vintage drawer handles, textured finishes and having it floating instead of attached to the floor!

    Open storage

    Instead of hiding away towels and bathroom accessories in cupboards, having them stored in open storage shelves is expected to be popular this year.   

    This can add to the appeal of your bathroom, making it appear more spacious and ordered.


    House plants are said to thrive in the bathroom's humidity and warmth - and they can also freshen up the air!

    Apartment Therapy has suggested azalea, gardenia and orchid for sunny bathrooms, and aloe vera, boston fern and begonia for low-light bathrooms.

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