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    Top tips to polish hardwood floors

    Published on 6 June 2014, Friday, 2:13 AM

    So you want to renovate your hardwood floors and polish them until they shine. There are a few steps you will need to make first before you can get the polishing equipment out.

    You will first need to sand the floor to remove any trace of the old polish so you can start with a fresh surface.

    Here are some tips to help you sand your hardwood floor like a professional.

    Clear the space

    Whether the carpet is getting in the way or there are protruding nails that could be causing an issue, it is important that you create a free and clear space so that you do not damage the equipment and can do the best possible job.


    If the floor has previously been sanded and coated, it is unlikely that it will need to be levelled. However, if it is the first time, you will need to fill any nail holes with a timber filler, after giving the floor a coarse sanding.

    Loose nails can scratch the sand-paper belt.

    It is also important to clean the floor of sticky material, as this can clog the sandpaper.

    Seal the doors

    The doors to any other parts of the house should be sealed by taping plastic over them. This will prevent any dust from escaping into other areas.

    Safety tips

    Make sure that you wear an approved dust mask, to ensure you are not breathing in any of these particles, as this could affect your nose or throat.

    Start with coarse sandpaper

    Once you have hired a floor sander, it is best to start with coarse sandpaper, to scrape off as much of the old polish as possible.

    Make sure this is not attached too tightly to the drum of the sander. If you have any concerns about this, it is best to chat to the hire team. They will be able to give you a demonstration of how it works.

    Sand with the grain

    Look for the grain of the wood, and move the sander slowly from side to side, working from one corner and leaving around two thirds of the room exposed to start with..

    Remember to do as many turns as it takes to remove the old finish. It is best to move the machine steadily and slowly rather than trying to rush the job.


    Once the dust has settled, vacuum everywhere and then wipe the floor with white spirit and leave this to dry completely.

    You should then add varnish to seal the wood, using a floor pad.


    Start in the corner of the room furthermost from the door and move the floor pad in the direction of the wood grain.

    You should aim for two or three coats for best results. Aim to leave around two hours drying time between them.

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