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    Top water saving tips for your garden

    Published on 7 January 2019, Monday, 5:02 AM

    When coming up with new landscaping ideas for your property, you might want to think of some ways in which you can conserve the use of water.

    WA's Water Corporation states that around 44 per cent of all household water is used in your garden, highlighting the appropriateness of putting in place water saving initiatives for garden landscaping plans.

    Here are some smart ideas on how you can save water - and money - with your garden plans!

    Rainwater tanks

    If you don't already have one for your home - get to building one! Rain collected from your roof can be used to water your gardens and in other areas of your home including the toilet, laundry and bathroom.

    A rainwater tank typically involves attaching a type of container to your downpipes and then using this stored water to look after the garden, wash the car and flush toilets.

    Mulching and composting

    Sydney Water says there's no better way to save "water, time and money, and care for your plants" by doing two essential things for your garden - mulching and composting.

    Mulching helps to reduce water loss through evaporation, keeping weeds away and adding nutrients to the soil.

    Compost can help to transform difficult soil into a "moisture-holding marvel" that will nourish the plants in your garden.

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