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    Townsville tradies to receive Fair Work visits

    Published on 25 January 2019, Friday, 5:45 AM

    Fair Work Building and Construction (FWBC) will be touring the Townsville region this week (July 25 to 27) to educate tradies and construction workers about their workplace rights and obligations.

    The aim of the visits is to inform employers and employees of the construction industry about the national laws and also offer advice to the local sector.

    FWBC chief executive Leigh Johns said: "Fair Work Building Industry inspectors will assess a number of businesses against the industry's National Code of Practice to ensure employers are meeting federal standards, and that employees are being paid their correct wages and entitlements.

    "Inspectors are also able to assist local building employers with issues such as corrector record keeping, right of entry requirements and freedom of association."

    As the new specialist regulator of workplace laws in Australia's construction and building industry, FWBC is dedicated to ensuring a productive, safe and legal work environment for the sector.

    "It's important that employers and employees in Townsville's construction industry know who to turn to for information and advice on commonwealth workplace law," Mr Johns explained.

    The agency's visit this month will be its first since it began operation on June 1.

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