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    Tradies of the future to receive student loan boost

    Published on 18 January 2019, Friday, 4:29 AM

    In what appears to be a positive step for the future of the building industry and its employees, students learning a trade or technical skill are to be offered loans similar to the assistance provided to university students through HECS.

    The federal government plans to make it possible for students pursuing high-level vocational skills to learn their trades and pay back the course fees once they begin earning a decent salary.

    Prime minister Julia Gillard asserted last Monday (January 23): "The most determined have always made their way. Now we're going to make it easier for them and for others who have been put off by upfront costs."

    The initiative is due to be presented to the Council of Australian Governments meeting taking place in March.

    Master Builders Association national director of training Alex Maroya expressed the view that the plan would potentially lead to better and more open training opportunities in this important sector, although not necessarily across the board.

    "The main pathway into the industry is still the apprenticeship system, so this will largely target people in the industry who are better established," Maroya told SmartCompany last Monday.

    Builders, plumbers, painters and landscape gardeners of the future may all benefit from the policy if it is to be approved.

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