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    Traffic control at night

    Published on 21 February 2019, Thursday, 4:56 AM

    Roads and Maritime Services today announced that there will be night-time road works on Condamine Street in Manly Vale and Castle Hill Street in Castle Hill over the coming weeks.

    They have advised motorists to pay attention to speed reduction signs, and be extra vigilant with keeping an eye out for workers.

    If your work operations are to be carried out at night, road signs are more important than ever to warn motorists about the construction site and keep workers safe.

    There are plenty of hire options from Kennards for this kind of work.

    Bollards, road cones, hazard tape and static speed reduction signs are all available for hire, and will be easily seen with light from street lamps or head lights.

    For equipment that generates its own light, there are also electronic options that are ideal for night-time jobs.

    Using variable message boards and arrow boards can be a great way to alert drivers of speed restrictions and diversions as they are easily seen due to their LED lamps.

    For an option that certainly won't be missed by passing vehicles, a lunar bakpak light acts as a personal light source for workers, alerting others to their presence and offering a portable, hands-free lamp.

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    Nathan Mills
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