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    Traffic control measures during floods

    Published on 25 January 2019, Friday, 6:15 AM

    Heavy rainfall in Melbourne over the last week has caused widespread flooding, resulting in road blocks and frustrated motorists.

    Dandenong residents are among those who are well aware of the weather's toll on the region, with a number of roads closed to severe flooding, forcing drivers to find alternative routes to their destination.

    Despite motorists feeling irritated by the traffic disruptions, closures like these are necessary to protect safety.

    In low visibility conditions, traffic control equipment is essential for attracting the attention of drivers who may be preoccupied with negotiating their way through the weather.

    Government organisations, contractors and councils who need to divert traffic due to a change in conditions, upcoming stoppage or hazard, may find hiring equipment from Kennards Traffic Control Division helpful.

    Your local Kennards can provide you with arrow boards for traffic redirection, bollards, bunting, barricades, lighting towers and road signs.

    Ensuring that you have the right equipment that meets Australian standards will make traffic control easier and safer for yourself, your employees and motorists.

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    Nathan Mills
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