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    Ultrasound technology delivers ultra-accurate results

    Published on 26 July 2016, Tuesday, 6:12 PM

    Measuring the thickness of a coating over a surface has just become much easier, faster and more accurate.

    The Kennards Hire Test & Measure PosiTector 200 coating thickness gauge is the latest addition to its impressive range of NATA calibrated hand-held devices, which includes ground penetrating radars and moisture meters.

    The PosiTector 200 is a small, accurate ultrasonic device which provides a non-destructive means for determining coating thickness in situ.

    “By emitting a high frequency sound pulse that penetrates into the coating via a probe and coupling gel, the PosiTector 200 measures coating thickness across a wide variety of applications,” says Kennards Hire Test & Measure General Manager Gareth Vines.

    “The unit can test up to 3 layers at once and through a graphic readout, provides a detailed analysis of the coating system.”

    This is achieved by the PosiTector 200 probe, which reflects from any surface and identifies when a surface differs in density. As the probe is depressed and the ultrasonic pulse travels through the coating system, readings are achieved by measuring the time taken for the ultrasonic signal to transmit from the probe to the coating or substrate interface and back. The time is divided by two and multiplied by the velocity of sound in the coating to determine the thickness of the coating.

    “These interfaces are depicted by a peak,” Gareth explained. “The greater the change in density, the higher the peak. The more gradual the change in density, the greater the width of the peak,” he said.

    The unit is also useful for checking coating thicknesses on wood and plastic between 50 and 3800 microns, with an accuracy of +-2microns in situ. It has a large impact-resistant Lexan® display and designed to enable single-handed menu operation, making it a perfect combination of simplicity and functionality, incorporated within a protective rubber holster. It is also waterproof, solvent, acid, oil, and dust resistant, which makes it ideal for use in any environment.

    “The PosiTector 200 from Kennards Hire Test & Measure will play an integral role in measuring coating thicknesses across a range of industry sectors,” said Gareth. “It is perfect for professionals in the consulting, construction, coating application, painting, waterproofing, remedial tank inspection and water treatment plant facilities as well as industrial, manufacturing, concrete, engineering, and mining industries.”

    The PosiTector 200 continually displays and updates average, standard deviation, min/max thickness and number of readings while measuring. Analysing and data logging is simplified via the PosiSoft USB Drive, which connects the PosiTector to a PC or Mac using a USB cable to access and print stored readings, graphs, photos, notes and screen captures. No special software or internet connection is required and every stored measurement is date and time stamped.

    The PosiTector 200 forms part of an extended range of specialised equipment available from Kennards Hire Test & Measure. For the entire range visit

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