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    Understanding risks involved with road construction

    Published on 21 March 2019, Thursday, 5:04 AM

    When any contractor takes on a project located on a busy city street, there are several risks the workers will need to be aware of to make sure the repairs go as smoothly and safely as possible.

    Some of the most obvious dangers include worker safety from passing cars, as well as protecting pedestrians and drivers from construction machinery, debris and other dangerous construction items.

    To protect against the risks, contractors can use cable ramps, pedestrian ramps and barricades to build a protective perimeter around the worksite.

    However, the South Australian government warns that one of the hidden dangers in road repairs lies just under workers' feet. The network of cables and wires that pass under roads and in between traffic signals can create serious electric shock hazards for individual workers, so it's crucial to contact municipal authorities before performing any underground road work.

    Moreover, the repairs to these cables are extremely expensive, which can lead to unnecessary costs for your business.

    Once you've got the permission to dig, make sure you have all the necessary road plates in place that will keep passenger and pedestrian traffic flowing.

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    Nathan Mills
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