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    Underwater world for pumps

    Published on 21 February 2019, Thursday, 3:11 AM

    Submersible pumps are ideal for emptying out pools, tanks and any construction site drainage.

    The advantage of a pump that works while submerged is that it prevents pump cavitation which is caused by the elevation difference when it is out of the water and can cause wear and tear to the machinery.

    Instead of jet pumps pulling fluids to the surface, a submersible pump pushes the fluid to the surface, which is a more efficient mechanism.

    Kennards has two sizes of submersible pumps available for hire.

    The 25mm pump is ideal for water removal or transfer in swimming pools, tanks, and for use on construction sites. It's instant, easy to use, self priming and can handle 18,000 litres every hour.

    The larger 50mm pump is similarly ideal for the above applications, yet can handle higher volumes of water. It is still just as easy to use and transport as the smaller option however.

    Pop into your nearest Kennards hire branch or give them a call if you are unsure about which size is best for the task at hand, or if you have any other questions about using other pump equipment.

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    Nathan Mills
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