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    Using a conveyor on your next project

    Published on 16 April 2019, Tuesday, 12:31 AM

    When you've got products to move at your next building or industrial site, why not hire a conveyor from Kennards Lift and Shift?

    Conveyors have the capacity to shift large volumes of loose items across a room, and are often used in factories to assist with transporting goods.

    Gravity conveyor

    A gravity conveyor is a fixed-length, straight line conveyor with rolling bars to push items along. It's non powered and runs off gravity, and can hold 150kg per 0.3m of conveyor. At 3m per section, several can be joined together to create longer lengths, making it a very versatile tool.

    Before you use the tool, make sure a competent person inspects it to ensure it's in good working condition. This check should be done before operating any machinery on any job.

    Put the legs on the conveyor and bolt them to the frame. If you're using more than one, use the metal latches on each end of the units to connect them together.

    Adjust the leg heights so there's a slope heading down from the discharge end toward the feed end, depending on what material you are shifting. Heavy products may require less of a slope to transport than lighter goods.

    Flexible conveyor

    Flexible conveyors are designed to assist with loading and unloading trucks more safely, quickly and easily. They're often used for shipping and receiving goods at distribution centres, and can hold 300kg per linear metre. Their height is also adjustable, from 720mm to 1000mm.

    After ensuring the tool is safe to use, set its legs at the desired height. Make sure to adjust intermediate legs in order to obtain ultimate gravity flow.  A decline of 26mm per expanded metre is recommended, however this varies according to weight and application.

    Expand the conveyor by unlocking its castors and pulling the handles on each end to set it to the required length, before locking the castors.


    Always use these items using only the handles provided on the machinery. This is especially important to avoid pinching or entrapping fingers. Don't wear loose clothing around conveyors, as it could get caught and pulled into them, and keep long hair tied back or kept under a cap. Also, never exceed the load capacity as this can result in injury to a person or damage to the product.

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