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    Using submersible pumps when disaster strikes

    Published on 15 April 2019, Monday, 8:51 PM

    If you've ever been affected by flooding then you're well aware of how difficult the clean-up process is.

    Thankfully, there are ways you can make things easier, including using a submersible pump to help shift water.

    Submersible pumps are designed to be used either partially or fully submerged in water. If your home has flooded, consider pump hire as a quick and easy way to get rid of excess water. The team at Kennards Hire will be able to explain how to use them, and give you information to take away so you can feel confident pumping at home.

    Once you've pumped out the water, give your home a helping hand to dry out. Fans and dehumidifiers can work wonders, but make sure you're using them in safe areas.

    Clean and disinfect your home once it's dry to ensure there are no nasty germs lingering on any surfaces. While you're at it, it's a good time to check for mould on carpets, walls and furniture items.

    If your flooring or walls have been badly damaged in the flood, you may need to consider replacing or renovating them. It could be the perfect excuse to finally strip back that old carpet and expose your wooden floors!

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    Nathan Mills
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