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    Utility work to require access equipment

    Published on 12 March 2019, Tuesday, 4:00 AM

    Australia's electric utilities are currently faced with an aging power grid that if goes unchecked, could lead to serious power outages, higher bills for customers and rising operational costs for the companies.

    As these utilities improve the power network, it will mean installing new intelligent electronic devices across entire enterprises. Typically, such an overhaul requires work on transformers that sit above the city on utility poles.

    To reach this infrastructure, utilities will need stable access equipment that can let one or two workers make adjustments at the same time. Kennards has an extensive line of such products, ranging from boom lifts and manlifts to mobile hydraulic platforms.

    Working safely and speedily above ground is essential for utilities. Often, the work requires cutting power for a brief period. With many private and municipal-owned utilities depending on good reviews from customers to thrive, this means keeping outages to a minimum.

    Hiring this equipment from Kennards ensures that every piece of machinery is top of the line, putting employee safety above all. The manlifts that are available are all outfitted with safety rails that surround the elevating work platform, which are ideal for utility pole work.

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    Nathan Mills
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