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    Victorian construction and building industry focus of investigation

    Published on 30 January 2019, Wednesday, 5:46 AM

    Victorian tradies will be put under the spotlight after the local government announced plans to investigate and report on law compliance and codes of practice in the state’s building and construction industry.

    State minister for finance Robert Clark said it is essential that all construction and building sites across Victoria comply with legal obligations to ensure unlawful practices do not occur on projects.

    The Construction Code Compliance Unit (CCCU) will examine and investigate the state's construction sector to provide a report on a number of vital matters.

    "If Victoria does not have an efficient and law-abiding building industry our state will simply not be able to build the infrastructure we need," Mr Clark explained.

    The CCCU has been directed to provide a detailed report outlining the involvement of organised crime elements within the industry, the current compliance with legal obligations, the effects of changes to the guidelines to the national code, conduct and practices in breach of guidelines as well as practices that create a tolerance of unlawful activity.

    "Unlawful blockades, intimidation and harassment should have no place in any Victorian workplace," Mr Clark said.

    The CCCU will provide an interim report by October 15, as well as its recommendations for actions to strengthen legal compliance.

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