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    Victorian tradies could help change local laws

    Published on 3 December 2018, Monday, 3:51 AM

    The Victorian government has released a discussion paper to help identify issues faced by tradies and construction workers in regards to inconsistent local building laws.

    Minister for local government Jeanette Powell released the Better Practice Building Site Management discussion paper yesterday (January 5) in an attempt to begin reducing the "unnecessary burden" of differing laws and red tape.

    "Currently Victorian councils have different legal requirements for the provision of safety fencing, hours of work, on-site-bins, council asset protection, litter prevention and other matters," Mrs Powell said.

    "By harmonising and standardising local laws we can reduce the amount of red tape entangling the building industry, deliver better outcomes for consumers and improve the effectiveness of local laws."

    The state government believes that the inconsistencies can be rectified through the voluntary implementation of agreed changes by both local councils and the building industry.

    Those in the construction industry are invited to comment on the discussion paper before February 29.

    "I urge all interested stakeholders to read the discussion paper and make a submission," Mrs Powell added.

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