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    WA was tough - but what does House Rules have in store tonight?

    Published on 16 July 2015, Thursday, 4:24 AM

    Brian and Karina must feel like the luckiest family in Western Australia, with a home that has been truly transformed by the House Rules teams. While the entire house was done to an exceptional standard, showcasing the carpentry and DIY painting skills the couples have picked up over the series, a couple zones really stood out.

    The house rules for this renovation were:

    1. Style our home desert coastal
    2. Bring the outside in with texture and tone
    3. Give nature's treasures pride of place
    4. Add brass and copper to our kitchen
    5. Make our kids' bedrooms #totes epic

    Zone 5

    Bronik and Corrine smashed out this renovation with some outstanding finishes and attention to detail. Working on the main bathroom and a teenager's bedroom, they certainly had their work cut out for them. 

    The house rules were firmly followed in this case, with Team VIC selecting pebble tiles for the feature in the bathroom, wood finishes trim for warmth and a reclaimed sideboard for a vanity, topped with elegant stone basins. The bath is an elegant shape, accentuated by the floor-mounted spout. Luckily Bronik knows how to sand a floor, as he used recessed decking to give the shower a unique outdoor feel.

    In Daniel's bedroom, sports and hip hop came through as the dominant themes, with a custom mural adorning one wall and a rack of sports gear on another. 

    Overall the zone was not the top pick for the WA homeowners giving it a score of seven, however the judges felt it was right on the money with a perfect ten from each of them - a first for the season.

    Zone 4

    The other highlight from this episode was Zone 4. Team TAS was ranked highest by Brian and Karina, with a score of nine, however the judges picked up on a few small flaws that brought the team in one under VIC's 27 point total.

    Cassie and Matt pulled out all the stops on this one, making great use of sanders and saws to bring the outside in - literally. Their feature wall in the master bedroom was made of reclaimed exterior cladding, which gelled perfectly with the rustic, desert-coastal vibe the WA couple was after.

    The louvres between the master bedroom and ensuite were a hit, allowing light to flow right through the two rooms, and giving a view of the property from the bath. Other neat features include modern, white ceramics and a loo with a built-in cistern.

    The hallway that formed part of their zone was not dealt with as a simple formality, as the Tasmanian couple thought outside of the box. They created a study nook using old sleepers, and a mud area to keep the rest of the house clean - essential in the rural location.

    Coming up on House Rules

    If you thought the sixth renovation meant it was all over - you've got another thing coming! This Tuesday night the teams reveal their next project, reworking a zone in their own homes in just 24 hours. Tackling a room they felt most disappointed in, the couples will have a chance to show the judges what their made of before one team is eliminated.

    TV7's official blog lists the unique house rules for this show as follows:

    1. Choose one zone in your house to transform
    2. Your budget is $5000
    3. Take a risk with a hero piece
    4. You must stay together at all times
    5. The winner will receive five bonus points

    With a lot on the line this week, the teams are fighting for survival in the reality home show. Knowing how to paint a home and figuring out how to win a competition while doing it are two different things - let's see who gets it right!

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