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    What are the main challenges for project risk management?

    Published on 28 February 2016, Sunday, 11:05 PM

    No matter what kind of construction you have planned, it is important to spare a thought for risk management, particularly when you are working on the roads.

    NSW president of Risk Engineering Society (RES) Pedram Danesh-Mand explained to Sourceable's Andrew Heaton that the main challenges faced by Australian construction workers have not changed in the past 20 years.

    Here are the areas of risk management he says businesses should keep an eye on.


    There are usually multiple people working on​ each road site around the country, and it is important they keep a steady dialogue throughout the process.

    This encompasses everything from advising when jobs will be completed to making sure other workers are aware of hazards on the job, such as misplaced traffic signs or the risk of oncoming traffic.

    Mr Danesh-Mand says everyone on the team should have a sense of project ownership and be focused on the final outcome.

    This may mean managers need to explain to road workers just what their individual jobs will combine to create - whether it be an extra lane or improved safety measures.


    All workers on the site should be able to communicate with each other.

    This can help to prevent delays and variations - or at the very least ensure everyone is aware and prepared for what is happening and how any changes will affect processes further down the line.

    Be realistic

    Where project-planning and scheduling are concerned, it is easy for some people to become overly-optimistic. These people may think it is acceptable  to complete a project in a week rather than 10 days, for example.

    Although this might be the result of good intentions, it is essential to ensure everyone is aware of others' capabilities so that projects can be completed to deadline.

    This can help to improve the overall confidence level of the project.

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