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    What indoor plants to add to your home

    Published on 30 January 2019, Wednesday, 6:13 AM

    If you want to embark on a garden DIY project this spring but you are limited by space, you may want to consider adding some indoor plants to your home.

    Indoor plants are a great option for apartment residents, and the best thing is they don't require anywhere near as much maintenance and care as a sprawling garden.

    Plants in a home not only add to the aesthetics of your dwelling, they also boast a number of health benefit - including more pure air.

    When selecting your indoor plants the most important factor to consider is how much light your home receives and the position of your new inside friends.

    For rooms that receive low levels of light, shade-tolerant plants are the most suited, such as the Chinese lucky plant, Zanzibar gem, kentia palm and peace lily.

    For areas of the home that receive high levels of light, choose tropical plants such as the prayer plant, zebra plant, dumb cane and colourful bromeliads.

    As with any plant in the garden, indoor varieties require care and nurture. Depending on the type, they will need watering once or twice a week during summer and spring. In the cooler months, this should decrease to just once every couple of weeks.

    While indoor plants aren't as susceptible to insects as outdoor plants, they can still suffer the odd attack. Common indoor plant insects include the mealy bug which can be picked off - if there is a bigger infestation; spray the plant with a harmless Natrasoap.

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