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    What should you plant in March?

    Published on 15 May 2019, Wednesday, 12:02 AM

    If you are doing some DIY garden work before the autumn weather starts to hit, you may wonder what exactly you should be popping in your planter boxes, vertical garden or veggie patch,

    Here is a list of top greenery to plant in March, based on your climate.

    Cool climate 

    There are many delicious veggies to plant in your garden in March if you live in a cool climate, such as in Tasmania.

    Beetroot, endives, and swedes can go straight into the garden this month for harvest in June, giving you plenty of delicious treats to enjoy at the start of winter.

    Asian greens, radishes, silver beet and lettuce can also be planted but enjoyed much earlier - these. plants can be harvested from May.

    You could also plant herbs in March, to provide plenty of flavour to your dishes. Top herbs include chives, coriander, oregano and parsley.

    Temperate locations

    Beans, beetroot, cucumber, endive, turnips, swedes and lettuce will all do well to be planted in March and should be ready to be harvested from May, so you can enjoy many a delicious salad in those autumn months.

    family favourites broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts will also be available for planting in March and should start off small in undercover seed trays before being planted out in around a month to six weeks' time. Onions can be started the same way but will not be ready for harvesting until September.

    Sub-tropical areas

    Sub-tropical areas have a mild climate with rainfall that is low in winter yet steady in summer. There are high humidity levels from November to March. 

    Lettuce, pak choy, radish and rocket will be ready by May if you get them ready now.

    And if carrots, leeks and swedes are planted now they will be ready in time for July, while beans, beetroot, cucumber and endives should be ready for harvest come June.

    Tropical regions

    If you live near the equator or in a tropical zone such as the Northern Territory, Western Australia or in an area of Queensland above Mackay, you will experience high temperatures for much of the year.

    Rather than the traditional four seasons, you are more likely to experience a wet and dry season. This climate brings with it some challenges for new gardeners - monsoon rain can be battering and pest numbers can explode in days. Termites can attack fruit plants that are freshly planted.

    However, great crops to plant in March include asparagus peas, beetroot, cape gooseberry, mustard greens, shallots, swedes, sweet corn and sweet potato.

    You could also think about planting ginger and basil.

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