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    What size generator do I need?

    Published on 29 February 2016, Monday, 3:19 AM

    So you're working on an outdoor site and need to hire a generator, but are unsure how much need power you need? Look no further. You can avoid wasting money and power by simply selecting a suitably sized generator. Here is all the information you need to ensure you hire the right size for your outdoor requirements.


    If you just need to charge a couple of electric drills, a sander and a few other small power tools then a small generator will be absolutely fine. These are easily portable and can run quietly in the background.


    This size is suitable for sites that require a fair amount of power, such as the above small power tools as well as pressure washers, water pumps and medium to large sized furnaces. Compare the wattage required on the user manual to the generator if possible, as this will show you whether you need a small or medium.


    Using a large generator is required when you have a number of different, big appliances. They have the ability to completely power a commercial building if required, and we do recommend seeking advice if you have limited knowledge of generators and are considering hiring one of this size.

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    Nathan Mills
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