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    What to do when the power goes out

    Published on 16 April 2019, Tuesday, 4:42 AM

    Power outages occur across Australia at all times of year. It's important to be prepared on what to do when you lose power in your home, so follow these steps.

    Check the source

    Check your fuse box when the lights go out to ensure you haven't simply blown a fuse. If all fuses are on, turn off the main power switch and then reset it. If there's still no power, check with your neighbours to see if they have power. If it looks like the whole street is out, it's likely to be a problem in the area, not just your house.

    Power up

    Portable generators are fantastic for helping you get through long periods without electricity. Follow the supplier's instructions to ensure the safest use possible, including always using the generator outside. You can use it to heat up coffees, meals or simply charge your phone.

    Keep food safe

    If power is out for fewer than four hours, your frozen and chilled food will still be safe to consume. Remember to keep doors to the fridge and freezer shut while the power is out, as this will keep the cold air in.

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