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    Why should you use an Airtec Out Rigger Trolley?

    Published on 30 June 2017, Friday, 4:54 AM

    The Airtec Out Rigger Trolley is a trolley designed to improve operations on rails. It reduces the physical handling of tools such as the Impact Wrench and Pneumatic Rusty Clip Remover, it makes it faster to manoeuvre along the rail, and improves operator comfort. Rather than straining to move heavy tools over long distances, simply use the Airtec trolley and let it do all the work for you.

    The product enables you to also use attachments from the impact drill, such as timber borer drill bits and impact sockets with extension bars. These also give you more working height, as you are not constantly bending down.

    Along with the two tools you can attach to the trolley, there are also attachments that alter the operating position. You can use it in the vertical or horizontal position, based on the work you're doing. This saves physical injury and can break apart for a simple, one-man operation.

    Airtec Out Rigger Trolleys can be used on narrow, standard and broad gauge tracks, so are extremely versatile, as well as helping to improve the efficiency of your employees. Any rail-based companies, small to large, should consider using the Kennards Hire range of rail equipment.

    The Airtec Master 35 Carrier makes it easier for your employees to operate equipment on rails.The Airtec Out Rigger Trolley makes it easier for your employees to operate equipment on rails.

    Where can you hire the Airtec Out Rigger Trolley?

    To get a hold of this efficient, productive tool, contact your local Kennards Hire rail branch. We're the specialists in rail, and have a wide range of equipment that can make your operations better overall. Better for your employees, better for your company, and better for your bottom line.

    Once it's properly attached to the rail, it's good to go.

    The Out Rigger Trolley can be assembled in just a few minutes without any tools, so when it needs to be moved or packed up, you won't lose operating time. The main body can be locked into position for safer operating for working on a small piece of the rail track, the trolley won't move at all. For added safety, the wheels are insulated, so when attached to the rails, you won't be at risk if you touch the conductive parts of the trolley.

    Operating and moving the Out Rigger Trolley is simple, as it has two brakes (a simple brake and a deadman brake), so once it's properly attached to the rail, it's good to go.

    For more information about using the Airtec Out Rigger Trolley for your rail operations, make sure you get in touch with the friendly team at Kennards Hire today.

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