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    Why you should consider having concrete floors

    Published on 14 May 2019, Tuesday, 10:57 PM

    Concrete is a versatile and heavy duty material, which makes it perfect for everyday flooring needs. Concrete floors are a low maintenance way to add special flair to your home and you only need a few tools.

    Here's why you could consider this flooring material..

    Easy to care for

    With the exception of a weekly mopping with soapy water, concrete floors do not need any care.

    However, you may want to consider installing a baseboard as this can prevent build up in the corners where the floor meets the wall - your mop might not quite reach this gap.

    Even polished concrete is easily maintained - all you'll need to have it looking in tip top shape is a grinder for concrete- at first this needs to be used to wet or dry grind the concrete. Then less aggressive diamond pads need to be used to grind and polish the floor.

    Daily cleaning involves dust mopping, wet mopping or auto scrubbing. If you notice any scratches in the polish, you can use diamond mops to remove them.


    Properly maintained, concrete floors can last for an extended period of time. According to house design magazine, Houzz, a polished and maintained concrete floor can last for hundreds of years.

    It can last for a long time even if there is a lot of traffic passing over the floor.


    Using an existing concrete slab makes this component sustainable as it avoids the consumption of new materials.

    Concrete is high in durability, but has a low environmental impact, making concrete a perfect choice if you want to have a 'green' property.

    Plus, concrete floors that are exposed conserve resources by acting as both a finished floor as well as a foundation slab. This avoids the need for any other floor coverings that would eventually need replacing.


    Concrete can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas, and silicone-based sealers can penetrate the cracks avoiding the wet look.

    You could choose the colours you want or pick varied stone designs.

    Plus, if you have a smooth concrete surface that is free from defects, holes and bumps, you can cover it with another floor surface at a later date.

    This means there is a lot of versatility and design freedom going forward.


    Decorative concrete floors can often be a more economical option than many other floor coverings such as tile, slate and marble.

    It is also a great choice instead of salvaged wood flooring. Instead of going down that route, you could stamp wet concrete with plank-like wood-grain imprints to give a similar effect.

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