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    Woman With Wrench website launched for lady tradies

    Published on 13 February 2019, Wednesday, 1:03 AM

    Carlie Wright is one of 29 females out of 14,500 licensed plumbers in Queensland, a statistic she notes can come with its challenges working in a male-dominated industry.

    Following International Women's Day on March 10, Quest Newspapers reported that Ms Wright had launched a website, Women With Wrench, two months ago to help make the experience for other women easier.

    "Lady tradies can submit their stories online so other females can read it as well as the employer sections to let people know it's ok to employ a female tradie and I'm adding content to that regularly," Ms Wright said via Quest Newspapers on March 10.

    "The more promotion female tradies get, the more it's recognised, the more common it will become and the less it will be seen as something different."

    Women With Wrench offers guidance on getting into a trade, with information on the construction industry, getting started with an apprenticeship and taking extra courses to further studies.

    The website also gives an insight into life as a 'lady tradie' profiling women in their trade jobs on their challenges and opportunities, work/life balance and acceptance.

    Visit Women With Wrench for more information on working as a female tradie.

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