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    Your guide to our trailers

    Published on 29 February 2016, Monday, 2:51 AM

    Trailers are really one of the most important pieces of kit in the Aussie arsenal, used to haul scaffolding items to and from work sites, or maybe even just to help a mate move on the weekend.

    Whatever they're actually used for, you really need to ensure you've got the right trailer for the job at hand, and one that can stand up to the elements - whether that's rain, shine or even a fearsome windy day. That's why we've put together this handy list of our trailers, from small box trailers right through to the bigger options that can be used to haul around mowers or even maybe a car that's broken down!

    Take a look below, and if you need a hand, don't hesitate to get in touch.

    Box trailers

    Starting off at the smaller end, a box trailer is one of the most versatile trailer options available. They're essentially a flat bed with raised sides or rails, and a drop down tail gate at the back. This means you can load up dirt, gravel or some other material, or even furniture and tools with the right straps.

    Make sure you've secured your load, however, by using a tarp to keep everything tied down. After all, you really don't want something flying out the back while you're zooming down the motorway at top speed!

    Our box trailers can carry up to 250KG, and include light connectors to suit every electrical fitting. We also sell both rope and tow balls, as well as load covers, so you're good to go when you roll out of your local Kennards Hire.

    Enclosed medium trailers

    Moving up the trailer food chain, we come to the enclosed medium trailers. These are essentially the same design as box trailers, but include a larger canopy to provide protection from the elements, and a load capacity up to 700KG. They're a great option for commercial applications, or if you have to transport something valuable.

    To make loading easier, we offer trailers of this variety with ramps, which means you can push heavier objects right up into the back without trouble. Again, we also have the necessary light connectors for this trailer, along with furniture pads to protect your valuable cargo.

    Furniture trailers - covered and caged

    Moving right along, our furniture trailers are designed to do exactly what it sounds like: move furniture. They're a great tool if you're moving house, as you can pop your fridges, freezers, end tables and bookshelves right into the back of a secure trailer that's made of really tough metal.

    On one variant, high sides and a tailgate loading ramp make it easy to haul up your cargo with a trolley. On another, an enclosed top means furniture and other valuable appliances are given the appropriate protection from the elements. Basically, they make it easy to haul your stuff across long distances if you're heading out into the countryside.

    Equipment trailers

    When you've got to get to a worksite, chances are you'll need to bring some heavy duty equipment along. Our equipment trailers mean you can easily move small scissorlifts, bobcats and a number of other pieces of plant equipment. Like our other trailers, you'll of course be able to move other materials if required.

    For example, if you're leaving the equipment at the worksite, you can bring back rubbish, materials and other tools that need to come back to base.

    Motorbike trailers

    There are definitely times when you may need to move a vehicle. It may have broken down, or perhaps you're hauling it to another house. For the two-wheeled transports, you'll need to think about a motorbike trailer. These trailers, available to hire, can hold three bikes on specially designed rails, and ensure they are strapped in securely with anchor points across the trailer.

    They're also the best tool if you're heading out on a weekend motorbike excursion.

    Horse floats

    Horse floats can be really expensive to buy, and an annoyance if you only need them for a short period of time. So why not hire get in touch with Kennards Hire to learn about our horse floats available for hire. These are well-padded, safe for animals and even have tailgate ramps to help the horse get into the trailer easily.

    Car trailers

    Lastly, we've got car trailers. These transport exactly what you'd expect, and are perfect for moving your personal vehicles or perhaps work vehicles from A to B.

    They're also really capable, so you don't need to worry about one of them not being able to handle your precious cargo!

    As we said above, finding the right trailer is really quite important. We have the right piece of gear that's going to ensure whatever you're transporting makes it to the destination intact. Make sure to reach out to Kennards Hire if you have any questions about our trailers or want to hire one!

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