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    Helping Douglas Construction Deliver On Time And On Budget

    Published on 4 March 2022, Friday, 12:30 AM
    Case Study
    • A Kennards Hire truck in the foreground. A background of parked boom lifts

    Douglas Construction was dealing with some challenging equipment issues while working on the new World Gym facility at the Augustine Centre in Springfield, Brisbane throughout 2021.

    Kennards Hire helped the Douglas Construction team overcome the challenges to deliver the project on time and within budget.


    A tight schedule and costly delays

    Construction of the Springfield World Gym was an eight-month project with a very tight schedule. With pressure on the market and equipment being sourced from various firms, the project was in need of a ramp up in momentum and reliable support.

    As for most construction projects of this type, any delays with labour, materials and equipment can lead to additional costs from overheads, as well as damages for failing to meet key milestones. Each time there is a delay in getting the items needed, it can have serious impact on the program.

    Kennards Hire’s Queensland Area Sales Rep, Chris Bailey, said a couple of the team decided to drop in on the project just ‘off the cuff’ to see how it was going.

    They met with Douglas Construction site supervisor Joe Fry, who had been brought in to get the stalling project back on track and boost motivation.

    The Kennards Hire reps were keen to help, and introduced Joe to the local Kennards Hire branch at Bundamba. Joe met with them to discuss the project's equipment needs, both urgently and in the longer term.


    Kennards Hire rises to the challenge

    The Bundamba Branch responded - working hard to deliver equipment to the site team when needed, and sourcing anything that wasn't in stock from other branches.

    This included:

    • Excavators
    • Rollers for compaction
    • Pumps for wet weather
    • Skid steers
    • Elevated work platforms and mobile scaffolding
    • Various equipment for internal works

    Chris said the branch built a close relationship with the Douglas Construction team so that when a need arose, they could provide a prompt solution.

    Joe was more than happy with the service, switching to Kennards Hire as the sole supplier. He said Kennards Hire bent over backwards to get the Douglas Construction team the equipment they needed quickly and efficiently, overcoming a number of 'red alert' scenarios

    "The Kennards Hire teams across Brisbane responded very quickly to our needs. This included checking if we had finished with the equipment and servicing any breakdowns. Their efforts greatly assisted us in advancing our productivity to meet our target completion dates," he said.

    "Another benefit of the company’s great service was that other trades on-site were not delayed or inconvenienced either, which overall helped the project to run much more smoothly."

    As for Chris, he described the outcome as very much a team effort.

    "When the Kennards Hire team initially visited the site, there was no judgement involved, they just wanted to find out how it was going," he said.

    "It turned into a great opportunity for Kennards Hire to help Douglas Construction get this project moving along and save them additional costs they didn’t need."

    Kennards Hire certainly feels very privileged to have been able to partner with Douglas Construction to help ramp up momentum and get the gym ready in time for opening!

    If you're in need of a reliable and responsive equipment supplier for a major construction project, contact Kennards Hire to find out how we can help.