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If you're planning on doing some paving, you're going to need the right equipment for the job. It's no use simply ripping out the existing surface material, whether it's gravel or soil, if you haven't got the gear to flatten and smooth out those unruly bits of loose material. This will undermine hours of work and cost you down the line.

You could be a tradie whose livelihood depends on the quality and usefulness of his equipment, or you might simply be wanting to engage in a little bit of classic DIY. Whatever the case, the team at Kennards Hire have the latest and most state-of-the-art equipment on offer for affordable rates.

Top of the line equipment at Kennards Hire

You wouldn't get far in any construction site without a plate contractor to compress gravel and soil of all different kinds. These roaring behemoths run the gamut from smaller models to large, and can even be operated by remote-control, helping to eliminate operator fatigue and provide you with added convenience. Compactors, powered by either gasoline or diesel, vibrate and drive the heavy, flat plate that sits at their core into the ground below, compressing loose stone and sand and smoothing out dirt or asphalt.

If you need something with a little more nuance, a vertical rammer might be more your speed. Hand-guided and speedy, though still a hefty beast, the smaller - at least in relative terms - metal block on the rammer exerts a greater amount of pressure onto a smaller surface area, resulting in increased compaction. When you need to smooth out loose material like clay, sand or soil on areas too small for a compactor, a rammer is the way to go.

There's also our wide selection of rollers to choose from if you're looking to prepare surfaces for paving or turfing. Rollers can come in a smaller size to deal with similarly smaller areas, or you can get yourself a ride-on roller. With water and even sprinkler systems filled, these devices will make any DIY paving job a breeze, whether you're ironing out asphalt ripples, or smoothing out a tennis court or cricket pitch for the summer months.

Projects requiring Kennards Hire equipment

Any paving job will require the power and efficiency of Kennards Hire equipment. When you're planning on paving a road or a driveway, you'll want to make sure that the soil and stone are compacted enough that any air is pushed out, as this can create settling down the line. Whatever surface you happen to be working on, with the use of compactors, rollers and rammers, you'll eliminate the risk of an uneven surface and bulges that you'll have to repair later.

Our equipment is equally good for a DIY garden or garden landscaping job. If you're thinking about laying down a new lawn on either your home garden or on a sports field, use one of our lawn rollers to roll it on. Alternatively, if you're looking to build a meandering brick path through your garden, you can use a compactor to compress the layer of hardcore stone you'll set before putting on the cement.

DIY renovators and tradies need look no further than the range and quality of Kennards Hire compacting gear to find the suitable equipment for the job they're doing.

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