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A Day in the Life - Kennards Hire Reception Team
A Day in the Life - Kennards Hire Team
Our aim has always been to provide excellent service and be the best hire company, not the biggest.

A Day in the Life



I’m lucky in that I get to start work early, usually missing the traffic so I’m at work about 6:45am. Once the gates open at 7am, the customers start coming in and our delivery trucks start rolling out. I get to help out all different sorts of customers from home handymen to local tradies. We’ve got so much great gear and through the training I get, and being able to chat with the customers who use the gear, I learn so much about it. When I’m not serving customers, there’s a wide variety of gear to service and I get to do some minor repairs as well, once I’ve been trained. Every day is different; one day I’m doing more customer service and the next I’m spending more time in the wash-bay. Certainly never boring! There are times when I’m in the delivery truck as well so I get to see the inner workings of a lot of building sites. Working with a great bunch who are more like mates, makes the day go quickly so I’m heading home knowing I’ve done a good day’s work. I’m working this weekend, so I’ve got a day off in the middle of the week tomorrow!


Maintenance Controller

Looking after equipment is what I am all about. Here at Kennards Hire we have an enormous range of gear and therefore a lot to learn about. It also means there is lots of variety! I supervise the team of Serviceperson/Drivers in the branch. We only have a couple here but some branches have eight or nine. At the beginning of each day I make sure that the equipment needing service is prioritised, after I check with the Branch Manager as to what gear is booked to go out. I can then let the team know which items to get to first and we all hook in together to make it happen. When we need parts and supplies, it’s up to me to work out quantities and then create purchase orders and deal with the suppliers. I also check on stocks of resales and accessories and make sure the orders for those are up to date. This job gives me the opportunity to train others and bring their equipment knowledge right up to par so we can all look after our customers. It’s also a great career-path job if I want to become the manager one day. At the end of the day the gates close and we know we’ve all done another great job.


Hire Controller

The early mornings are one of the busiest times of the day for me. I’m here early, ready for opening at 7am and that’s when the phone starts ringing. I really enjoy the customer interaction on the phone and at the counter. In my job I’m usually the first point of contact in the branch and it’s my experience and expertise that makes sure we recommend the right piece of gear for the customer. Here at Kennards Hire we’re really good at both phone and face-to-face contact with our customers and that is where I come in! The day is usually busy with lots of calls and customers, in between which I fit in looking after coordinating the delivery runs and the on-hire file. I know every piece of gear that’s out from this branch; where it is, when it’s coming back and who has it booked next. It’s certainly never boring working here! And the support I get from the guys in the branch is great. They make sure the gear is ready for the next hire so I can confidently say ‘yes’ to customer enquiries. That’s what it’s like here, we’re all mates. And while we all have a good laugh, we’re dead serious about customer service too!


Branch Manager

What a great team I’ve got. Helps make my job easier. Leading by example is what it’s all about. I get here before the gates open just like the rest of the team and leave happy at the end of the day like them too. No sitting around when you’re managing a Kennards Hire store, that’s for sure! We all get stuck in and help make the machine run, whether it’s helping my guys load a truck, talking with my Maintenance Controller about a repair he wants to do or serving on the counter with the Hire Controller, this manager’s job is about doing a bit of everything. I’m responsible for the branch and the standards and the income for sure, but I’m also responsible for the team. I make sure they’re enrolled for their training, support their careers and development and ensure we’re flexible enough that if they need something like time or support, we’re all there for them. Every day is different and you never know what the next customer is going to need, so I make sure the team has the resources to serve the customers as best they can. Sure, there are reports to do and other administrative tasks to take care of, but this is not a ‘sit around and command’ type of job. We’re a team and we all get stuck in!


Business Development Manager

My role is all about support and new business. I support our branches with their business by helping them secure customers and grow their revenue. I also support our bigger customers with the hire equipment they need. This is not a desk job. Every day I am out in the branches talking with the teams about their business and out talking with customers about how the large range of equipment and the services we offer can help make their jobs easier. Calls I make are logged so that other business development team members can see the customers being supported and so that we don’t double-up on visits to the same customers! My car is my office and my laptop and phone are my tools of trade. The day goes quickly as I engage in my passion for the hire industry and the wonderful and varied services we can offer our customers. Innovation is a big part of the job and the company supports me in thinking of new ways to support branches, customers and advancing the concept of hire.




A Day in the Life - Kennards Hire
Kennards Hire - A Day in the Life
A Day in the Life - Hire Controller

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