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    DIY The Ultimate Love Language

    Published on 2 February 2021, Tuesday, 4:44 PM
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    New research reveals DIY skills more important than bedroom skills for most Australians

    New research from equipment hire company, Kennards Hire has revealed that 64% of Aussie women care more about their partners’ prowess in the toolshed than in the bedroom.

    The study, which surveyed over 1000 Australian’s, has exposed that more than half (57%) of Australians value DIY skills over the bedroom skills of their significant other.

    Tasmania topping the list of those most DIY-concerned, with a whopping 70 per cent of respondents citing their preference for a DIY savvy partner over one who’s good in bed.

    While a lack of ambition towards DIY is a clear turn off, it’s not enough of a reason for most people to completely end a relationship. However, one in ten Queenslanders said they have considered it in the past.

    It’s not surprising people value handyman skills in their partner, given one in four people (26%) admitted to walking away from multiple DIY projects in the past. For millennials, it was one in three.

    The top jobs which have caused Aussies to throw in the towel include, painting indoor walls (24%) and landscaping the yard (24%), as well as larger projects such as bathroom overhauls (15%) and kitchen renovations (10%).

    The research found DIY skills were particularly important to millennials, with almost half (45%) agreeing good DIY skills make men more sexually appealing.

    Two in five people (41%) under 55 would also rather tackle a DIY project than go on a date with their partner, although baby boomers still prefer a more classic romantic experience with only four per cent saying they’d ditch a dinner date for DIY.

    Manelle Merhi, General Manager Marketing & Customer Experience at Kennards Hire says the research shows that Aussies are taking on more DIY tasks around the home this month than ever before.

    “With people at home more than usual we have seen an increase of people looking to get stuck in and complete DIY projects around the home.

    “Rather than chocolate eggs this Easter, perhaps the way to really wow your partner is to give your backyard a makeover or freshen up your walls with a coat of paint.

    “We’ve been known to provide scissor lifts for weddings and metal detectors to find lost engagement rings, so if a floor sander or demo saw will help you win over hearts, we’re here to help.”

    For tips and tricks on DIY projects around the house visit Kennards Hire’s Get Inspired portal.
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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.